Violin chin support design

The violin chin support is an add-on that has always been mounted in the same way – with metal clamps. Such method, though accepted, has a series of flaws, from physical irritation to the violinist to altering the sound of the violin.

Violin builder and innovator Vladimir Proskurnjak conceived on an innovation which eliminates metal clasps, thus enabling a completely new approach to designing the chin support. The support’s shape is designed to blend in with the classicality of the violin. The form comes from the violin itself: the reduced spiral is an element borrowed from the neck of the violin, while the upper part follows the curve of the violin. It is made with CNC technology.

CROATIAN DESIGN NOW, selected works, authors of the book: Victor Margolin, Feđa Vukić, 2009

Client: Violeaf
Project: Violin chin support
Year: 2008
Concept and design: Ana Banić Göttlicher, Maša Vukmanović