Fireplace design

The idea behind the fireplace was to point out fire as a separate phenomenon. This was achieved by placing the firebox in the center and separating it from the frame. This makes the firebox an element which emphasizes the fire and becomes the “picture”. The fireplace has a unified firebox, constructed identically to other fireplaces of the same manufacturer. The fireplace is fully adapted to the production possibilities of producers, though completely different from the rest of the existing range of products.

Frames, or masks that laterally cover the fireplace, are made from inox, and are separately fixed to the internal construction of the fireplaces. This mounting principle makes it possible to change the appearance of the fireplace by simply replacing the mask with one of a different surface design. FireCube is the first in a series of fireplaces with the same firebox. A series of fireplaces was designed that vary in size and composition of the elements.

Croatian Chamber of Economy / The Community of Industrial Design / Exhibition, Zagreb, 2010
Client: Fireart
Project 3D: Fireplace design
Year: 2008
Concept and design: Ana Banić Göttlicher, Maša Vukmanović