BORBOLETA – packaging system


CONCEPT: Borboleta is a chain / company for the production and sale of jewelry made of gold, silver and small parts made of plexiglass connected with silk thread.

Jewelry is very delicate and decent, and basic the characteristics of jewelry are decency, elegance and minimalism.

Characteristic forms of jewelry are: butterfly, feather, star, etc.

The main motif of Borboleta, as the name suggests, is a butterfly.

The packaging is conceived as a very fragile, fluttering form that wraps around relatively simple shapes like a box and sleeves. Each element of the system has a sleeve that connects the two ends of the wrapper by connecting it with elegant strips, which together form a butterfly, thus suggesting an inner hood from which a fluttering butterfly “emerges”. The straps are connected with a bow that gives it another element of flutter.

The product is intended for a predominantly female population, and the selected colors are as gentle as pink powder, following the interior design. All exterior materials are made of Rives design paper, whose texture is reminiscent of the texture of butterfly wings, so in addition to the visual, the tactile aspect is also emphasized. Butterfly-shaped inserts are not attached to the outer packaging, allowing such a simple change of butterflies with about 10 different quotes printed on them, and each liner is also packaging with a message.

Design: Ana Banić Göttlicher

Year: 2018

Photo: Stela Kovačić