A tornado is a very intense air vortex in the form of a funnel or tube beneath a cloud of vertical development (cumulus or, more commonly, cumulonimbus), extending all the way to the ground surface. Sometimes more tubes appear at the same time; the tube may not always be visible. These are then called tornado alleys. Along the axis of the tornado there is a sudden and strong drop in air pressure, and the rate of devastating wind in the vortex is the highest wind speed in nature. The tornado lasts from a few seconds to an hour, rarely more, and the speed of movement of the vortex depends on the movement of the parent cloud. The products are part of the Vortex program, and consist of a set of three related tables, which largely cover manual work, up to 90%.Conceptually and in design they represent the vortex as the starting point of the concept. Although statically and functionally stable and secure, the tables in their construction have an incorporated metal spiral of different diameters of this shape, always moving and rocking like a whirlwind.The tables in this case have tinted cone-shaped concrete forms, thus representing the mother cloud, although of a concrete, lightweight and portable. It tells the story of the encounter of people gathered around the table and spreads all the emotion to the earth, symbolically linking the stories to the event transmitted to the object – the table.The table is a unique moment in time.

Materials are treated the opposite of the usual way where heavier, concrete parts are always the base – base of the product, while in this case the structure is reversed and this contradiction will turn into a surprising and original blend of statically functional product, which is always a little different and the whole lower part , that is, the outer spiral sheath moves like a whirlwind. The outer spiral vibrates slightly and thus, in addition to the conceptual connection to Vortex, it also encourages interaction, touch, closeness.Tables are also customized for outdoor conditions and can thus work in interior and exterior.


Tumbleweed is a structural part of the above-ground anatomy of numerous plant species, the diaspora, which, when ripe and dry, separate from the root or stem and roll due to the force of the wind. By rolling, the seeds of tumbleweed are released and the spread and survival depends on the wind.
One of the interesting ways of interpreting a tubleweed is a stainless steel mesh, flexible in all directions, semitransparent with its shadows and reflections. It is designed as a special installation, that is, a lamp that can function in exteriors and interiors, long lasting and made of the finest elements and materials.
Tables and lamps have the same connection, which is the wind.
The size of the lamp varies depending on the conditions in which it is installed.
The stainless steel mesh is resistant to all external conditions and can be easily attached to the lawn to stay in the same place when needed.

The Vortex program includes a full range of wind-inspired products.

Winner of Muse Design Award – Rose gold, 2019

photo: Stela Kovačić