Honey Jar Design

Honey jar design

The design of the honey jar is based on the shape of the hive. Though it is primarily designed as an exclusive packaging, the jar can also be part of a dishware program or simply a honey jar as a separate object. The material used is glossy ceramics, white glaze, while the lid can be made from cork or ceramic. A special wooden frame is designed as a kind of addition – an inversion of the holder which symbolizes a tree in nature from which hangs a beehive.

The beehive can be hung on the frame, with the resulting “image” bringing a dash of nature to even the most modern of kitchens. The packaging is also show with possible prints and different visuals can be applied to it. A swarm of bees at the top/bottom creates a harmonious visual entity with the jar, at the same time offering a new, dark surface suitable for stickers reading the type of honey or any other data.

Croatian Chamber of Economy / The Community of Industrial Design / Exhibition, Zagreb 2012

Client: Selfproduction / concept
Project: Honey jar
Year: 2013
Concept and design: Ana Banić Göttlicher, Maša Vukmanović