6th HKIS CONGRESS – conference


CONCEPT: The conceptual design of the logo is based on a combination of the number ˝6˝ and the letter ˝S˝ where the number 6 represents a stylized padlock – locked security – and instills confidence in security activities and works of HKIS members. The concept of the visual identity of background graphics is based on gears and lines that represent mechanical drawings, but also the starry sky, thus symbolizing the future. It’s heaven a look into the future, so the graphics suggest an increasingly modern approach to technology and more modern works.

START THE WHEELS – An alternative slogan for posters and poster sections The alternative slogan serves as a copy for all large format materials, and can be used for marketing purposes to promote the Chamber’s reputation. The Start Wheels slogan communicates the message of an advanced mindset and improved capabilities and benefits of the engineering business for end users. All gears have different background textures that are associated with hatching drafts when using different materials. Interconnected graphically so that they can “run” with each other via a plotted path in the appropriate directions.

The following materials were made for the needs of the congress:

Conceptual design of the 6th Congress of Mechanical Engineers
Conceptual design of the cover of the Chamber’s Glasilo no. 9
Conceptual design of congratulations to the members of the Chamber – back page of Glasila br. 9
Application form
The best work in the poster section charter
Wine labels – white and red
Reception counters
Panels with sponsors
A table on the stage
Poster section
Invitation to guests

DIPLOMAS AND CHARTERS: The proposed visual identity offers a whole range of possibilities for further elaboration of the elements of visual identity and the use of an alternative slogan, as an additional marketing element to the whole congress campaign for the promotion of HKIS. All charters, diplomas and certificates of appreciation are made of the same material, with a different graphic texture and form part of one larger mechanism, and also part of one important wheel in the system. Diplomas and charters have the same form and are made by CNC technology by cutting perspex and gluing the central part from a different type of more transparent perspex of different texture and level of transparency. All frames are hatched like an AutoCad draft.

Concept and design: Ana Banić Göttlicher

Year: 2019

Client: Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers

Photo: Stela Kovačić