Exhibition stand with three planted natural olive trees

The White01 stand conceptually represents a mergence of the exterior and the interior. All side side panels that will represent a view at the environment are white, illuminated, creating a clear and elegant look. They become oversized papers, architectural designs displaying the company’s projects. The three olives trees in the middle of the stand represent the three projects presented at the fair.

All three projects relate to the construction of small settlements in Istria, so the olive trees represent a link to the locale, but also bring an element of nature in an unusual way, by actually planting large olive trees at the stand. The stand White01 was produced and exhibited for a client at Real (Vienna), Exporeal (Munich) and Mipim (Cannes) 2008

0910 / HDD exhibition (Croatian Designers Association), Zagreb, 2010
Ambienta / ZzID Exhibition (Croatian Chamber of Economy, The Community of Industrial Design ), Zagreb, 2010

Client: Kapital konzalting d.o.o.
Project / Spatial intervention: Exhibition stand
Year: 2008
Concept and design: Ana Banić Göttlicher, Maša Vukmanović