The Vukmanović Collection

Art collection monograph design

The Vukmanović Collection is a monograph that offers a critical cross-section through a collection of 220 works of art (paintings, graphics, sculptures and applied art) donated by the Vukmanović family to the National Museum of Montenegro. After a long time, the collection was again exhibited in Belgrade in 2010, Montenegro and Macedonia, with a monograph published for the occasion.

The front page of the monograph is a stylized white glittery impasto, made three-dimensionally on cardboard plastified with glossy foil. The collection consists of paintings and works by various authors, mostly from the 1950s, and the impasto detail on the cover tells us that it is an art collection, intentionally not singling out any particular author given the variety of the works of art. The cover itself becomes another artwork per se as an homage to artists.

0910 / Exhibition HDD (Croatian Designers Association), Zagreb 2010

Client: National Museum of Montenegro
Project: three-dimensional cover brochure design and layout
Year: 2010
Concept and design: Ana Banić Göttlicher, Maša Vukmanović