Visual identity for the unbuilt Dance Center

Centar2 is a project by UPUH – the Croatian Dancers Association. The main theme of the gathering of dance artists was the problem of the Dance Center, which should have been opened on 1 June 2008, but at the time when the event was being held, the construction of the Center has not begun. Hence the ironic title of the event – Centar2.

The basic motifs that run through all the printed materials are a white dance floor and large X’s as the center point. There is no X on the poster which would mark the center, but when the posters are placed next to each other, you get a structure with the X’s as the dominant element. Balloons with X’s as piercing points, placed at the opening of the project, unlike the usual ornaments at large openings, are used here in an ironic context. At the location where the Dance Center was to be build, there was only an old brick wall, and to this day there is still no sign of the Dance Center.

Centar2 / Action Countdown
As part of the project, a documentary exhibition “Action Countdown” was held, showing all the efforts on part of the dance artists to open the Dance Center. The exhibition is set on two black and white “brick walls” – a representation of the only existing element from the location of the future Dance Center. Empty fields and large X’s, apart from the wall, are the main visual guideline of the exhibition setup.

0708 / exhibition of the HDD (Croatian Designers Association), Zagreb, 2008

Client: UPUH
Project 2D: Centar2 poster design, brochure design, invitation design, exhibition design
Year: 2008
Concept and design: Ana Banić Göttlicher, Maša Vukmanović