Office furniture

Product design

The office furniture is made from three pieces: office table, small library and big size library.
MUMBAI design have unique shape, materials and technologies build in the exclusiveness of design. Basic design is following one single line, that runs and links to itself. Soft, yet nice curves are the highlight thought entire project.
The surface of Mumbai table bends and redoubles, thus creating a blank space that becomes the center of the project. A plywood sheet, folded up to the limits of the materials mechanical characteristics, define and encloses a lattice structure made of laser cut steel.

Technical characteristics:
A large table (233 x 97 x 73 cm) is the main element of this collection. 2 veneered plywood sheets, 14 mm thick, folded with high frequency press technology, define the perimeter shape of Mumbai desk and create an inner empty space housing the metal structure.
All veneered surfaces and the plywood visible edge have a transparent polyurethane semi-open pore finishing.
The table is supported by a lattice structure made of 2 laser cut steel beams connected by welding.

Client: Haworth Castelli
Project: Office furniture design
Year: 2008
Stage: completed
Design: Ana Gugić
Collaboration with Studio Fuksas, Italy