GINZA, Tokyo

The Armani Ginza Tower is situated in Giza next to the other most important retail buidings. Its facade is cover with the backlited metal bamboo. The building containd 10 ­floor that contains different Armani lines; Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Armani casa and two last fl­oors Armani restaurant and Armani prive.

The principle colors are black and gold. Black is mostly used in Emporio Armani where all movements is given by the black metal walls backlited and illuminated by thousands laser cut perforation. Gold is the color that is applied through all other fl­oors. Metal perforeted sheet with gold color finish and in combination with direct lights gives the rich and cold atmosphere.

Client: Gruppo Giorgio Armani
Project 3D / product / architecture / spatial intervention: Armani show-room TOKYO
Years: 2005-2007
Stage: Completed
Area: 7370 sq. m.
Collaboration with Studio Fuksas, Italy
Design: Ana Gugić