Interior / product design

Situated in the centre of New York, in one of the street more known, the project takes up the first three floors of two buildings localized between the 5th Avenue and the 56th Street. Besides the basement, the show room develops on four differents levels and it’s conceived of an only space, without clear distinctions, a singing space connected with the power generated by the whirlwind of the staircase.
The nucleus of the project is the staircase that connects the ­floors. It’s a structure wrought with the radiator grill of steel, covered with plastic material that highlights the look of sculpture. It’s an element completely indipendent that can be assimilated with dificulty to a simple geometric figure, that originates a whirlwind with a great dymanism, and around of it there are the di‑erent levels that receives the Armani’s world.
Every element of the internal design, from the ehxibitors to the rooms to hang up the clothes, from the desks to the armchairs, follows and satisfied the movement concept generated by the staircase.

Client: Gruppo Giorgio Armani
Project / product / architecture / spatial intervention: Armani show-room NY
Year: 2007-2009
Stage: Completed
Area: 7.000 sq. m.
Autor: Ana Gugić
Collaboration with Studio Fuksas, Italy